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Kathy M Scogna ~ Writer, Editor, Publisher

In addition to countless book, manuscript, and editing accolades:
Kathy has written 6 history books and received awards from the state of Pennsylvania; Volunteer of the Year from the Penna State Historical and Museum Commission and was named a Penn Ambassador by thePennsylvania House of Representatives.

She especially enjoys writing about the frontier days, the Indian cultures and the meshing with European settlers.

Herbs and plant life, foods, place names, family and group
structure, religious philosophy, medicines.
We have learned much from the native peoples!
Her books have been well received.

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Some of Kathy's  Book Credits

  • The Life Energy Monitor Magazine
  • Amino Acids: A Nutritional Guide
  • SAF Technology & Infrared Scans
  • The Science of SAF
  • Lower Heidelberg Township: Now and Then
  • History of Marion Township 1844-1994
  • North Heidelberg Township: History and Lore
  • The Ford at the Schuylkill: A glimpse of Reading and Berks County from Lenapehoking to Frontier Outpost
  • A House of Bread: The Jesuits celebrate 70 years in Wernersville
  • Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Berks County
There are clearly many subjects that Kathy is versed in! 
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For Radio and TV bookings:
Book Kathy Scogna to discuss any of the titles above.
Topics can include healing and energy healing, energetic medicine, alternative health, life energy research and the work of her late husband Joseph R Scogna, Jr., history in the colonial and frontier times, and the like.
Kathy makes a great guest and has a very unscripted approach to her interviews as she speaks directly from her experiences.

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