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Kathy M Scogna

 Introduction to Elemental Pairs
Truths from the ancient world of Elements and Alchemy combined with the Similars of the healing art of Homeopathy, then infused with the energetics of Light and Energy. 
  Discover how Quantum Physics is interconnected with our Life Energy.
  Scogna connects all information into his mathematical system, creating a new language of body-mind-spirit-emotion, called Self Awareness Formulas (SAF).
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What are people saying about this book?
 The book is a gem
, combining clear, detailed description of physical and physiological verities with at times folksy parables to take the information out of the esoteric, specialist domain and make it comprehensible to the lay reader.

  Diagrams, tables and illustrations are apposite, while the index is invaluable, as committing the multiplicity of symptoms and reasons for them to mind is a task beyond the individual who has not had years of experience in the observation of mineral imbalance.

  Nutrionics serves as a solid and accessible introduction to the more detailed treatises of The Promethion and The Secret of SAF which Scogna went on to pen.The nutritionists will find in this book symptoms peculiar to mineral levels and suggestions for addressing the problems of deficiency or excess. The blood diet people will realize how and why the consumption of certain food items can cause distress in some individuals.

  The EFT and Touch For Health aficionados will recognize that points tapped or held for symptom relief are precisely those that Scogna identified as the electric contact points for various minerals. Those working with brain states, brain waves, and the biology of belief will better be able to direct their attention to the quickest methods of righting what ails them, or their clients.

 As a light therapist, I am fascinated by the colours Scogna suggested for elements and relating this information to where different light frequencies are directed for healing. 
- Lyn Doole, Light Therapist, South Australia