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Kathy M Scogna

Project Isis
Life Energy and Human Electricity!
What is it? How can we get more?

  The reader will find how we create our mental image pictures, how these are stored and how we can access them for increased energy.

"The creation of POWER and ENERGY is the prime directive of the entire universe, for we cannot exist in such a place without producing power." So wrote Joe Scogna as he put the finishing touches on the 12 axioms of human energy and this manuscript.
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More about this book
"Joe Scogna's work is a monumental leap forward in the evaluation of human physiology, psychology and spirituality. In the years to come, the application of SAF and Infrared Technology will be one of the most wonderful blessings to mankind."  -Dr Abdo

  The book is dedicated to the students of the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) who work with the high vibrational energy of humans, and to all seekers of bio-energetics and life energy.
 For those in the energetic healing field, emotional release workers, chiropractors, stress processors, biofeedback, and other modalities, it contains background information that might be missing or will help to augment those studies.

  In relation to the holistic human, the reader will learn of direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), DNA-RNA and why its coil form is a healing one, the magnetic effect (charisma), the Electromagnetic Spectrum of energy waves, and ways of pinpointing pain.
 There is enough technical information for the professional, and yet, it will be easily understood by an enthusiastic researcher of life.