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The Books of

Kathy M Scogna

Junk DNA
We are told DNA coding is complete. Not so. 
98% falls outside present-day technology — it is “little better than junk.” So wrote Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the double helical structure. 
Deep inside, we know the truth. There is no “junk DNA.” 
Open the pages of this book and 
Unlock the Hidden Secrets
5 senses? How about 128 Sensory Channels; perceptions that helped Stone Age man survive, and could enhance our world today.

 Auras, electromagnetic fields, radiational and gravitational forces, sounds, colors, energy centers, endocrine senses, magnetic reference for people and place, mathematics, spirits, God, solar system, sun, details, details!

Regular list Price $29.95
What are people saying about this book?
“The double helix presented as never before!” “Scogna teaches us about LIFE AT THE CRYSTAL LEVEL as no research scientist would think to describe it.”
-–Mary Habeeb

 “The Macro-Micro aspects of the cosmos & humankind.”

“Learn about the 128 sense perceptions—not just five!—and how we are each imbued with crystalline structures in our RNA/DNA which are constantly evolving and changing to insure survival, towards our betterment and optimal health. Scogna purported this long before anyone had a clue.”
—Nancy B. Porter, DN, LISW

“Joe Scogna's explanation of how life forms are altered by a natural process supports an evolutionist’s position, but the concept of a genetic planning mechanism suggests an intelligent designer at work. Who designed that mechanism?”
—Linda Schwank

“Just like Tesla, some spirits arrive well before their time. Joe Scogna pulled back the veil of time to show us a new understanding of ourselves and instill the courage to embrace what is needed and to heal in these challenging times.”
—Bruce L. Erickson, MotherEarth Media